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Adam Cico dances his way into college

Courtesy Photo/Nicole Cico

Senior Adam Cico is going to Marymount Manhattan College in New York with a major in dance and a minor in either music or psychology. Cico explained that his love for dance started out in fourth grade when he and a few friends signed up randomly for a dance class and he found he really enjoyed it and has been dancing ever since

“It sort of just started out by chance and I just really connected with it,” Cico said.

Cico said he has been dancing for seven years, and he's been dancing with his dance studio New Hampshire Academy of Performing Arts for five years. He said that his dance team does alot of performing in the community and every year or so they do a competition against other dance teams.

“Since around sophomore year, I knew I wanted to continue dance as a career,” Cico said.

Cico’s mother, Nicole Cico, explained that she never expected that he would choose dance as a career after high school. She said she always thought he would go into something having to do with math or science cause he has always been talented in math.

Nicole Cico said she was over the moon when he got accepted into a college that is seen as one of the higher ranking dance colleges in New York. Nicole Cico said she knows how difficult it is to apply to dance programs because each school will be looking for all different things when accepting students, they all have different criteria, so she explained that she and the rest of the Cico family were so proud when he got into the school

“We are so proud of Adam,” Nicole Cico said. “He set this goal for himself and worked very hard to get here.”

After graduating college, Adam Cico said he hopes to join a professional dance company in New York after getting a feel for the city during his time in school.

“Dance is such a big part of my life and I'm so deeply connected with it and I'm very passionate about it,” Adam Cico said.

Nicole Cico said that while her son is in New York for college he should not be afraid to try new things and to not be hard on himself.

“Every mistake is a learning opportunity or a moment for growth. Be kind and stay humble,” Nicole Cico said.

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