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Athletic Director Aaron Abood Speaks on New Ticket System for Fall Sports

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

At recent sporting events at Winnacunnet, some may have noticed the newly implemented “ticket system.” Although fairly new, Athletic Director Aaron Abood had a few words to say about the matter.

The superintendent and school board required that I limit the number of fans allowed into home games to players' families only,” Abood said. “We thought this would be the easiest way to do that.”

Previously an unlimited number of family and friends were welcome to attend a student’s sports events. However, due to the recent pandemic, it’s been decided that this may not be the safest option. Currently, all athletes are given four tickets to give attendees to their games. This way, the amount of onlookers should remain lower than before. These four tickets last for the whole season to give to the people attending. However, all vital decisions come with multiple starting ideas.

“We thought about having people sign in at each game but that seemed to be too time consuming,” Abood said. “We wanted an easy way for families to come in but to also prohibit away fans and most students.”

Abood said he seems to have his concerns. Admittedly, Abood said he was “not sure if it was the best idea,” but he reported that no problems have arisen so far with the implementation of these tickets.

Abood said there is a procedure to check tickets at each event.

“We have staff at each entry point and they simply ask to see the tickets for those looking to enter,” Abood said.

Furthermore, the idea seems to have been well talked over and is going smoothly as of late.

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