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Blaisdell announces committment to Merrimack College

Senior Haley Blaisdell has had an extremely successful track and field career. Blaisdell has not only competed at states in her individual events (300, 400) all four years of high school, but she was a member of the 4x400 relay squad that set the WHS school record in 2019, and went on to compete in the New Balance Outdoor Nationals in North Carolina. Next year, Blaisdell will continue to run for Merrimack College located in North Andover Massachusetts, where she will be studying psychology with a minor in criminology.

“My junior year was when I really started getting into running and taking track more seriously,” Blaisdell said. “ My coaches sat me down and told me that I needed to really work hard and put the effort in if I wanted to run after high school, that really pushed me."

According to Blaisdell, WHS prepared her immensely to run at the division one level. Over her four years, she has had three coaches make a positive impact on her running career. Richard Osborne, Jason Saltmarsh, and Joseph Lemay.

“Lemay was my coach for two years, he really was the main reason why our team did so well last year, he was the best coach and believed in me the most,” Blaisdell said.

WHS alumni Samantha Lipetri was one of the members with Blaisdell on the 4x400 team that went to the New Balance Nationals. Lipetri is currently a freshman at Merrimack College and runs for their track and field and cross country teams.

“It’s kinda ironic how my last outdoor track meet with her was my last year at nationals, and our first outdoor college meet will be together again,” Lipetri said. “Running with Haley in high school was really fun to see her grow and progress especially within the last year (her junior year.).”

Jason Saltmarsh has been Blaisdell's coach for four years and has seen her progress as an athlete. According to Saltmarsh, Blaisdell is a fierce competitor, a responsible team leader, and she really wants to be the fastest person on the track.

“Haley is off to Merrimack College next year where she will continue to run as a Warrior. She will reunite with her friend and former teammate Samantha Lipetri,” Saltmarsh said. “ I wish both of them the best and hope that they get a chance to run the 4x400 together again.”

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