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Cavalier looks forward to swim at Denison University.

Courtesy Photo - Caroline Cavalier

In the fall current senior Caroline Cavalier will be swimming for Denison College in Ohio. Cavalier has been swimming for nine years and recently decided that she would swim at the collegiate level. Caroline swims the 100 yd fly, 200 yd fly and sprint 50 yd freestyle.

“I knew I wanted to go to a swimming college and through the recruitment process it became a school I was looking at towards the end and I went to visit it and I just fell in love with the team as well as the coaches,” Cavalier said. “They also had my major that I wanted to do, so I met professors and was able to take a class.”

Cavalier said she began applying for schools the summer after her sophomore year. Through the recruitment process she was asked to come visit Denison.

“A few days later I went on the visit because they wanted to meet me in person and have me meet the team as well,” Cavalier said. “Soon after Denison offered me a spot on the team.”

Cavalier swims for the club team Solo Aquatics, she also swam for the school for the first time this year.

“When I joined solo aquatics, swimming became a lot more than an after school activity to spend time with my friends. Solo has just built a really positive team environment and we are all there for each other at the end of the day,” Cavalier said. “It's just fun, solo has taught me a lot of time management skills and just how to be a good teammate and leadership styles. I am so thankful that I have been able to be surrounded by such great people that have pushed me and I owe them a lot.”

She said a coach who has made a huge impact on her life is Coach Harrison Hollingsworth. Hollingsworth has been Cavaliers coach since eighth grade. Cavalier said that he has taught her many very important lessons.

“He has just been someone who has really helped me and cares about how we do in the pool but also what I have learned from him is that it isn't just about how you are physically doing but also how you are mentally doing and what you put in your body,” Cavalier said. “He has just always cared a lot and he kinda made me realize that I can swim in college or go to the next level.”

Cavalier said swimming has always been a place for her where she can escape the stress from school.

“I always go and just spend time in the water where I can think and not be worried about other stuff,” Cavalier said. “I love being with my teammates and it really just brings out the best in me.”

Cavalier said her favorite part of swim is how team oriented the sport is and is looking forward to increasing at the collegiate level.

“I’m really excited for how much more team oriented college sports are,” Cavalier said. “In the end you are racing against a clock rather than each other.”

Cavalier’s mother Beth Cavalier said she has seen her daughter grow as a swimmer and overall person throughout her high school swimming career.

“This sport has given so much to Caroline in return for her commitment. She is independent, hard working, and self motivated,” Beth Cavalier said. “She has learned how to be a good teammate and how to take constructive criticism. She has learned to manage her time and persevere.”

Beth Cavalier said she is overall so proud of her daughter and can't wait to see what is ahead for her.

“I want her to continue to grow, explore and embrace the new opportunities ahead. You are more than ready to take on the next leg of your journey,” Beth Cavalier said. “We will always be here to support you and cheer you on.”

Caroline Cavalier said that overall the biggest lesson she has learned from swimming is to not beat yourself up if things don’t go your way.

“Swimming is a lot mentally and I remember my coach telling me that you are going to fail more than you succeed which over the years I have learned is a reality,” Caroline Cavalier said. “You are going to get a bad grade on a test once in a while. Not everything is going to go well, swimming on both teams has really helped me except the fact that your failures do help to lead to success.”

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