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Gerety set to be guest speaker at Class of 2022 graduation

Speaking at the Class of 2022 graduation will be none other than motivational speaker Ed Gerety, who has been speaking to students at Winnacunnet for many years. Gerety added that he was excited about this opportunity, being that he spoke with the class of 2022 back when they were freshmen.

“Back then, we talked about how they could make their first year, and all the years at WHS, be the best they could be,” Gerety said. “We talked about doing their best, being grateful, and looking out and taking care of one another.”

English teacher and senior class adviser Gabrielle Borden said that one of the students suggested having Gerety as speaker. She thought it was a brilliant idea since many of the students have seen him speak before.

“He’s come here for years. He’s a wonderful role model and public speaker, and he’s spoken at the school almost as long as I’ve been here,” Borden said. “Students love him; he has a great message. He has a very positive personality so when they mentioned it, we thought it was a great way for them to go out.”

Gerety said that he was “honored” to be asked to speak at this year’s graduation ceremony.

“For over 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to come to Winnacunnet High School and speak to students, whether it was leadership training, or a school wide assembly with incoming freshmen,” Gerety said.

Gerety added that he wanted to speak at this graduation because the class has been through a lot since he last spoke to them as freshmen.

“In looking at what this class has done and experienced since that time,” Gerety said. “It’s clear that they have not only succeeded, but they have also shown incredible resilience and courage to face the challenges they’ve had to deal with during these unpreceded times.”

Borden added that she’s seen Gerety speak many times and that the decision was purely student-driven.

“When you pick a graduation speaker you want someone who’s going to be entertaining and who you really want to listen to because as a senior you’re ready to get out of here,” Borden said. “So, for them to pick somebody who they really wanted to hear from, we were really excited about that.”

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