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Incoming freshman get the chance to experience WHS with Step Up Day

Step Up Day recently took place on February 12 after being postponed due to a delayed opening the prior week. Select upperclassman volunteered to help out the incoming eighth graders looking to go to Winnacunnet for the 2020-2021 school year. Winnacunnet hosted Hampton, Hampton Falls, North Hampton and Seabrook as well as some home-schooled students from around the area.

Senior Isabelle Desrosiers helped out during Step Up Day for her second year in a row.

“My role for step up day was to help the eighth graders look for classes they were interested in,” Desrosiers shared. “My favorite part was seeing all of the eighth graders and helping them find the classes.”

Step Up Day is the perfect way to slowly introduce eighth graders into a new school. Many of the students come from sending schools that they have been at for over eight years.

This was junior Sarah Blankenship’s first time helping out during Step Up Day.

“My role for step up day was to take kids to their classrooms in the bottom of the B-wing when they went in to observe classes,” Blankenship shared. “My favorite part was getting to talk to all the incoming eighth graders and hear all that they are looking forward to when coming to Winnacunnet.”

Step Up Day gives the incoming eighth graders a general idea of what to expect when coming into high school.

Luke Parish is a current eighth grader at Lincoln Akerman School who will be attending Winnacunnet this coming school year.

“My favorite part of Step Up Day was being able to see different classes around the school, it let us see parts of the school we had never seen before,” Parish said. “I am most excited for electives because they are nothing like anything we do in middle school which is exciting.”

Overall Step Up Day was a huge success. The day gives insight on what daily high school life is like.

“I think we need Step Up Day so that the eighth graders get a chance to meet teachers and other students and see what classes they might want to take next year,” Desrosiers said.

From seeing a high school class in action to just walking around the school to get a feel for it, step up day is a great opportunity to ease some of their worries about coming into high school.

“I think Step Up Day is very helpful. Coming in during the school day to get a general idea of how high school works and a small introduction to the new school was great for them to see,” Blankenship said.

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