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Leary attending Spa Technical Institute for esthetician school

Courtesy Photo - Kailey Leary

Leary poses with makeup on.

After high school, senior Kailey Leary will take an alternative path by attending the Spa Technical Institute for their esthetician program in North Andover, Mass. The class runs from September to April 2023. Once finished with the program, Leary will be a Licensed Spa Professional.

“We get certified in eyelash extensions, lash lift and tints, all sorts of body waxing, Hydro Facials, Dermaplaning facials, and Dermabrasion facials, Aroma facials, and back facials,” Leary said. “We will also learn professional makeup applications which can be used for bridal parties or special events.”

Leary said she has been interested in makeup ever since she was a kid and makeup and skincare go hand and hand because you need a good base to put a house down.

“I’ve been working since I was 14 yrs old, and I have always been in customer service. Customer service is a very important foundation to going into the esthetician career because your income is solely based on your clients that you build with good service and a welcoming personality,” Leary said. “I felt that across all my jobs I have had, my strength was being able to minimize situations while building bonds with customers by being very kind and welcoming. So with my love of beauty and customer service skills, it was a no brainer.”

Even her friend of four Ella Brown said she can’t remember a time wear Leary wasnt creating these amazing makeup looks.

“I've known Kailey for four years and even before I was friends with her I knew her as the girl who would wear a full face of makeup to school,” Brown said. “These makeup looks included beautifully blended eyeshadow and eyeliner that was so good nobody at the age of 14 could replicate. “

Leary said she knew she wanted to go into the career of makeup ever since she was younger because she loves the idea of being able to make people feel comfortable in their skin.

“That would be the overall main goal from client to client,” Leary said.

Since Leary finished school after trimester two she decided to apply to some local spas to get her “foot in the door.”

“I ended up landing one at a spa in Newburyport called Meraki that is family owned. We are all very close at work and I have the chance to chat side by side with the licensed esthetician instructor/owner of the spa constantly whenever I need to pick her brain for future ideas,” Leary said. “My goal is to stay with Meraki while in school as they are very supportive of me becoming a lash tech more specifically (that’s my ultimate goal) because they want to give me a

job there to start me out.”

Brown also said her work ethic is like no other and it wasn’t a shocker she was accepted into the school “as she has always been able to set her mind on something and follow through with it.”

“I have seen Kailey balance three jobs, school, and her social life all at the same time. Kaileys work ethic is amazing and she’s able to do any task she’s given and complete it,” Brown said. “Employees have always loved her and I’ve never seen her get turned down from a job.”

Leary’s future goal is to own her own spa where she can schedule all her own appointments and provide the services she prefers the most.

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