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NHS inductees announced, Myers explains how the pandemic has affected the Society

The National Honor Society (NHS) will be back in action after standstill caused by the pandemic.

“The pandemic has really impacted our ability to meet as a group,” Adviser Michael Myers said. “We have too many members to gather together. We have not been able to coordinate any group community service projects due to ongoing restrictions.”

Myers said not being able to do things in person has had an affect on the NHS. He said he didn’t know if the school would be able to hold an in-person induction.

“At this time, I would doubt it, but if things change in the late spring, perhaps,” Myers said. “New members will be eligible to participate regardless of the status of the ceremony. If we can't have one this year, I will incorporate them into next year’s [ceremony].”

Myers said students haven’t had the same community service opportunities due to the pandemic.

“Typically, NHS participates in the Thanksgiving basket drive that is organized by the Guidance Department,” Myers said. “We were unable to do that this year. I look forward to being able to ramp up the community service aspect of NHS.”

In March-June of 2020 Winnacunnet High School implemented a more lenient grading system. Myers said this did not affect the eligibility calculations of NHS.

“Everybody was operating under the same system, so there wasn't an advantage gained.” Myers said. “It would be impossible to sort out the effects of the lenient grading, but I'm not sure that it really had a big effect on the number of people that were considered to be eligible this year.”

Myers said he didn't notice a drastic increase in the number of students that satisfied the required weighted GPA threshold of 6.5000 (around a B+).

Myers said there was a decline of students from last year that completed the information sheet for NHS, but that this was a continuation of a trend.

“There has been a small but steady decline in the number of students that choose to take part in the selection process,” Myers said. “I don't know what the primary reason for this is, but it started before the pandemic.”

The selection process has concluded and the inductees have been announced below.

List courtesy of Adviser Michael Myers

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