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Plonski Welcomed to Winnacunnet English Department

Currently, Winnacunnet High School introduced several new staff members. One of these new staff members is Lauren Plonski, a new English teacher at the school.

Previously, Plonski worked in several jobs that were also in the field of education.

I have been working at Kingswood Regional High School (Wolfeboro) since 2017,” Plonski said. “Before that, I actually taught at Winnacunnet for a year, and before that I interned here as well.”

Plonski said that her previous experience helped to better prepare to teach virtually at Winnacunnet High School.

“I think any job that you have can assist you in the future no matter what,” Plonski said.”It always helps to have practice in your specific occupation. This spring was great practice for what school is like now during the pandemic.”

“My husband, Jon, and I live in Durham with our fur babies: a fat, orange, mean cat named Leo, and a very sweet, but anxious dog named Lorelai,” Plonski said. “I love to run and do active things such as hiking and surfing, and I will often bring my dog on hikes with me. I also love to coach and have coached Winnacunnet Track and Field when I was here from 2015-2017.”

Although new to the school, Plonski already has her first impressions.

“My experience at Winnacunnet so far has been great! It's obviously different from the norm, but everyone has been incredibly supportive and kind.” Plonski said.“ Virtual learning has been fine, but I will always prefer teaching in-person. However, I would rather stay safe, and keep others safe, rather than coming back and risking our health and safety.”

Plonski said she had teaching on her mind ever since she was in high school. She said it was something that she knew she wanted to pursue for a while.

“I decided I wanted to be a teacher when I was in high school,” Plonski said. “I had some amazing teachers who always encouraged me and challenged me to become a better writer.”

However, Plonski also said she had some other dream jobs that she had contemplated before teaching.

“If I could do anything else as an occupation I would want to be a nurse or midwife, or an occupation in which I could help people,” Plonski said.

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