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Sam Hackett peruses his career in theatre in college

Courtesy Photo/ Yearbook

Senior Sam Hackett is going to Suffolk University in Boston and is majoring in theatre. Hackett said that he has always loved theatre so being able to go to college for just that is incredible.

“I've loved theatre for a very long time, and being able to get a college education where I can expand my knowledge and repertoire would be incredibly useful,” Hackett said.

Hackett explained that since seventh grade he has auditioned for every single spring and fall production of Winnacunnet High Schools and Hampton Academy junior highs. Music teacher Patrick Moore explained that in Hacketts freshman year he only did tech for the fall play, but he really saw his musical talent when Hackett auditioned for chamber singers

“When he auditioned for Chamber Singers and made it in as an incoming eighth grader, I could tell he has a strong musical aptitude,” Moore said.

Moore said that during the Winnacunnet spring production of “Cinderella” that same year, Hackett showed off his true skill of acting while playing the role of the King.

“I knew he would grow into bigger roles as he got older,” Moore said.

Moore said after that first spring musical Hackett performed in, he saw a huge deal of improvement from the senior in all respects

“I remember him struggling with remembering lines and staying in character,” Moore said.

Moore explained that at first he never would have thought Hackett would continue his theatre career due to his skill and instress in other topics. But as the years went on, Moore said he really hoped Hackett would choose to go down the theatre path for his college career because he would be able to really excel his already existing skills.

“I hoped that he would go into theatre or music education,” Moore said. “He not only has skill as an actor and singer, he also has strong leadership skills, and is very personable.”

Hackett said that after college he hopes to either perform in plays or write his own plays, traveling around or living in Boston.

“I want to experience the world, practice my craft, and find every nook and cranny of joy within the vast umbrella that is theatre,” Hackett said.

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