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SAT School Day cancelled, district and state looking into other options

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

With school cancelled and remote learning in effect until at least May 4, one area that has been affected by this change is standardized testing, specifically the state-mandated School Day SAT and spring science testing for Juniors.

On March 24, Principal William McGowan sent out an email to students in which he noted the School Day SAT and science testing for this year had been cancelled in response. Guidance director Leslie Dolleman said that although the testing has been cancelled for this year, it may still be held next year.

“We have been informed by the state that we will not be doing the N.H. state assessments this spring. That is the School Day SAT and science assessment,” Dolleman said. “What we do not know is if the state will require the current juniors to test next year.”

This was confirmed by SAU 21 Superintendent Bill Lupini in an online forum held March 28.

“We know that at the federal level, the President and the Secretary of Education have created a waiver process, where states can apply to be exempt from statewide testing requirements this year,” Lupini said during the March 28 online public forum. “New Hampshire applied for that waiver yesterday [Fri, March 27], New Hampshire was the last state in the country to apply for that waiver.”

Lupini said that NH Education Commissioner, Frank Edelbut would like to look into postponing the exams, possibly into the fall of next year for current juniors.

However, this also means that, at this point, juniors may not have the opportunity to take the SAT for free, like they usually do. The cost of one exam with the writing portion is $64.50, not including the $26 registration fee, according to the College Board. This is usually covered in the School Day SAT, and the cost for this is covered by the state, according to Dolleman.

“We are very interested in making sure that our students who use this as an opportunity for the SAT, still have that opportunity,” Lupini said at the forum. “One suggestion that has gone to the commissioner [Edelblut] is to give kids a voucher, which they would be able to use to take the SAT when they want, for free. we like that idea, we think that’s a good idea for our students.”

According to Dolleman, there are two SAT exams this summer that students could elect to take if they want to take the test, which until a voucher system is implemented, would be at their own cost.

“Juniors should sign up for the SAT this spring,” Dolleman said. “There is a test in June, WHS is not a site and in August, but we are a site in August.”

Information is rapidly changing in this situation, Dolleman said, and that she and the school will keep students informed.

“We as a school are still looking for some information from the College Board,” Dolleman said. “[College counselor] Mrs. Shofner has been in contact with our College Board representative.”

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