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Seniors perform at their last Coffeehouse of their high school career

Staff Photo- Keira Andruskevich

Members of the Tri-M board- from left to right: Dylan Fraser, Bronson Grew, Adam Cico and Hailey Minassian emcee at this year's Coffeehouse.

The evening of Tuesday, May 24 was one full of music, comedy, and excitement at Winnacunnet High School. It was the annual Coffeehouse, an event put on by the board of the Tri-M Music Honor Society at the school.

This was the first in-person Coffeehouse held in three years since it was cancelled in 2020 and it was virtual in 2021.

The Coffeehouse is a production where students can sign up to do a performance. These performances include vocal, instrumental, comedy or whatever else students would like to perform. The show was held in the WHS dining hall and was complete with free coffee and snacks.

Senior Dylan Fraser, the secretary of Tri-M, said that as a member of the Tri-M board there was a lot of planning that went into the Coffeehouse.

“People submit ideas for their performances and then the week before the Coffeehouse we have sound checks and dress rehearsals where people get checked for their performances to make sure they are appropriate and that they are good enough to go out on stage,” Fraser said.

Fraser added that he and the rest of the Tri-M board, as emcees of the event, had to make a list of all the performers in order and write the script for the Coffeehouse with jokes and scenarios related to the skits.

Fraser said that the Coffeehouse is a unique event for Tri-M and it’s a good opportunity to see a variety of performances.

“I think the Coffeehouse is fun because we get to see people individually perform which is something we don’t always get to see,” Fraser said. “The Drama Club has their talent show but we wanted our own thing and so this is kind of that for us. It’s always really enjoyable, parents love it and it’s kind of our more low-key event too because the concerts are kinda stuffy.”

The majority of the performers at The Coffeehouse were seniors. Senior Vania Ramadhan did a stand-up comedy bit and she was happy with her performance.

“I felt pretty great,” Ramadhan said. “I didn’t think it was gonna go poorly, but I felt nervous after my last show. It was good to hear people laughing.”

Ramadhan has been doing comedy performances at the school’s drama club talent show since her freshman year. This was her first time performing at the Coffeehouse and she wishes that she had done more performances.

“I wish I could have done the Coffeehouse my first or second year,” Ramadhan said. “But I was really pretty nervous about how many people would come. [The Coffeehouse] was a great experience.”

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