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Student Council Elections Held Virtually

This year student council elections looked quite a bit different than in years past. Previously, speeches would be given by candidates in the auditorium, this year, student voters were emailed videos of the candidate’s speeches to watch at home. In addition to student council elections, students could also vote for the student body officer positions.

The student council will look a little different this year as well. Meetings will all be online, as will statewide conferences. Events that the student council typically hosts may also be online. Senior Class Secretary Morgan Kelley said that there has even been discussion of a virtual spirit week.

“This year there will probably not be any in person events,” Kelley said. “We will try our best with the circumstances.”

Student council members are grateful to be able to continue their work, even if it will take place online. Many members are grateful to have their voices heard.

“I like to say that you can’t complain about anything unless you’ve made an action for it to be different,” Study Body Historian Emeri Jacobs said. “I like to be able to get my opinion in.”

Other members joined to be a part of the planning process of some of the many events that student council is in charge of. These include prom, pep rallies, and spirit weeks.

“I decided to join to be a part of the planning for prom,” Kelley said. “I ended up sticking with it because I really enjoyed it.”

This year there has been a big emphasis on communication between council members and the rest of the student body.

“One plan we are working on right now is better social media outreach,” Jacobs said. “We want everyone to be able to know what’s going on.”

Council members have been doing their part to share the opinions of their fellow classmates, especially with regard to the coronavirus pandemic and virtual learning. Some of the council members even spoke at a recent school board meeting about the potential of returning to school and what the next few months will look like. Student Body Vice-President Lainey Parrot voiced her opinion at the Oct. 21 Winnacunnet School Board meeting.

“I was planning to go to the meeting just to listen but was encouraged by (senior) Colby Petalas,” Parrot said. “I was really nervous to talk in front of the school board but just wanted to improve virtual school as it is right now.”

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