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WHS holds annual National Honor Society induction

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

For many students, being inducted into their school’s chapter of the National Honor Society is one of their biggest academic goals. On January 9, 44 students saw their academic goals achieved as Winnacunnet held their annual NHS induction night.

The induction was held in the auditorium, where new and current members both attended the ceremony. This year it was led by both the chapter advisor Michael Myers and senior and executive board member Colin Donnelly. The ceremony consisted of speeches given by both students and faculty, a performance by the Winnacunnet Chamber Singers and the distribution of certificates. inductees recited the oath and were officially inducted into the Ora Maritima chapter of the National Honor Society.

Seniors and executive board members Megan Pike, Amanda Heintzelman, Kyle Arsenault, and Maggie Brand all gave speeches on the four pillars of NHS, which are scholarship, leadership, character and service. Pike, one of these four students, gave a speech explaining the importance of character in both her life and in NHS. Inducted into the society last year, Pike has spent her time as a member participating in many of the opportunities that NHS has had to offer her, and she is looking forward to the increased group size that came with this induction.

“With a larger group, well be able to accomplish bigger goals because we have more brain power working to solve our problems,” Pike said. “We can’t achieve what we want to do unless we all work together.”

Junior Olivia Binette was one of the 44 students who were inducted this year. After going through the intense application process, which Binette believes while time consuming, was a valid way to judge a student as who they are both in school and out of school, she was invited to join the society. As a member of NHS, Binette is most looking forward to to community service opportunities that the organization will offer her and being surrounded by people who share many of her academic values.

“This group gives me the chance to surround myself with like-minded people,” Binette said. “I am looking forward to getting to know people with similar academic and societal goals as me.”

Myers has been leading Winnacunnet’s chapter of NHS for the last 15 years. His main jobs include guiding students through the application process, through meetings, and facilitating activities that the society participates in. As the advisor, Myers puts a very high standard on the students and portrays them as role models in the school. He values the community service that the group does together and stresses it to all of the society members.

“Community service is a big thing for me, and service to others is one of the four major pillars of the National Honor Society,” Myers said. “I want to make sure that students are still doing their community service and I want them to be role models for other students.”

Throughout the rest of this school year, these 44 new members and current members will be working together to complete community service activities, along with working to build a tight-knit group. These members will learn over time to work together to reach the goals the chapter looks to achieve this year.

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