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TRI-M Music Honor Society takes annual Coffee House virtual

Updated: May 21, 2020

On April 28, Principal William McGowan sent an email out to Winnacunnet staff and students about participating in Winnacunnet’s TRI-M Music Honor Society known as Coffee House. Coffee House is a talent show that used to be held in the Dining Hall hosted by Tri-M.

Students have until Saturday, May 16, to send in a video of them playing an instrument, singing, performing a magic act or delivering a comedy sketch to Choral Director Patrick Moore or Ken Martin, Director of Instrumental Music. The virtual show will play live on Tuesday, May 19 at 7:00 P.M. on the WHTV YouTube account.

Junior Dasha Piotrowski is a member of Tri-M and said she plans to submit a video for the Coffee House but is unsure what song to sing. Piotroski said she believes the event will still be successful even though it is virtual.

The Coffee House is a really great event that everyone should consider participating in at least once during high school,” Piotrowski said. “The acts are always imaginative, creative, entertaining, and worth viewing! Even though it will be virtual this year, I am positive it will continue to be an amazing event.”

Previously the Coffee House event had an admission of $2 which included coffee, drinks and snacks. The event is organized by Tri-M.

“Charlotte Christo is our president this year and will also serve as MC of the event.” band director Ken Martin said. Christo is hosting the event, most likely will be introducing the acts of pre-recorded videos sent in by student submissions.

Martin prefaced that the Coffee House success will happen if there is student participation.

“A common mistake is that people think this is just for the students in the Music Department,” Martin said. “We created this as a chance for any student in the entire school to get a chance to put themselves out there.”

There are rules, however. Students must follow the Winnacunnet dress code and videos must not have any profanity or illegal subject matter. Students are also asked to follow safe distancing guidelines- which prevents students from meeting together to perform.

The last day to submit your act is Friday, May 16, and the live presentation will air on the WHTV YouTube at 7 P.M. on Tuesday, May 19.

STORY UPDATE: The Virtual Coffee house has since aired on the WHTV Youtube Channel, and can be accessed via this link:

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