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What are the signs doing over February break?

Aries- The boldest of the Zodiac, Aries will be doing something sporty over break. Whether that be snowboarding, skiing or plain old sledding, they will be weaving down a mountain on something that slides.

Taurus- Taurus will be enjoying the time away from the hustle and bustle of school by making a nice breakfast every morning. They will love not having to rush around and this will let them really enjoy themselves.

Gemini- Geminis love being social and spending time with others. They will spend a lot of time with people they are able to see, like family and close friends.

Cancer- Cancers are known for wanting to be comfortable. During any storms over break, they would prefer to curl up in a comfy sweater with a cup of hot chocolate and watch the flurries of snow out their window.

Leo- Always looking for something to get into, Leo will definitely try something new over break. They could hone a skill or jump into completely uncharted territory.

Virgo- Virgo is a decorator at heart. They will most likely be rearranging something, whether it be trinkets on a shelf or their entire room. Winter break gives them some much needed organization time.

Libra- Libras enjoy relaxing activities all year round, and they will partake in some during break. As another creative of the Zodiac, they may be found sketching the wintry landscapes that come with frost and snow.

Scorpio- Winter break is a time for preparation for Scorpio.They will be planning ahead for finals and the start of the third trimester..

Sagittarius- Sagittarians are always looking for ways to sate their playful spirit. They will be anxiously hoping for snow over break so they can dive into their next snowball fight.

Capricorn- This sign prefers warmer weather, so they are saving their excitement for April break. They will pass through February break by sleeping away the cold.

Aquarius- Aquarius is quite creative and enjoys making things. They will venture into the world of crafting during break.

Pisces- Pisces will take some time to bake treats over break, whether they be from scratch or store bought. The smell of warm cookies will be a staple of a Pisces’ kitchen.

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