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Winnacunnet Welcomes New Member to the Special Services Team

The Winnacunnet community welcomed many new faculty members this year, including Secretary to the Director of Special Services, Lisa Serard. Serard is a graduate from Hesser College in Manchester, NH. She previously worked at Nashua North High School as Principal Nathan Burns’ secretary.

“Lisa is very knowledgeable, friendly, and really hard working,” Burns said. “She had a ton of work coming her way and was very responsive.”

Special services are offered to students who require special education or learning accommodations. Serard will be running the office for special services, a “very demanding and multifaceted role in the Winnacunnet Special Services Department,” according to Raymond Pillsbury, Winnacunnet’s Director of Special Services.

“In addition to being my invaluable assistant, attending to numerous details and logistics on my behalf, Mrs. Serard supports all of the operations of a department made up of 40 team members, serving the special education needs of 175 students.” Pillsbury said.

Getting a new job in the midst of a pandemic is no easy feat. However, Serard said that her biggest worry is “replacing a person who had worked here for 16 years.”

Prior to Serard’s employment the Secretary to the Director of Special Services was Judy Duhamel. She worked alongside Raymond Pillsbury until this summer. Serard said she’s excited to take over and learn a new job.

“With nearly 20 impressive years of service in New Hampshire schools, Mrs. Serard has been quickly learning the ropes.” Pillsbury said.

This year Serard’s job will look a bit different. Typically she’d be having face-to-face interactions with kids, but this year, due to remote learning, that will not be the case.

“I don’t like this [remote learning] because I love kids,” Serard said. “I now won’t be seeing students.”

According to the principal at Nashua North Serard was very well liked at her previous job. Burns said that Serard leaving was a “tremendous loss” for North. Many teachers were sad to see her go.

“Winnacunnet gained a good faculty member,” Burns said. “She’s going to do great things for you guys as well.

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