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Meet Our Staff
Maia Siden- Features Editor

Maia Siden is a sophomore and the features editor for The Winnachronicle. Her favorite school subjects are English and Journalism. Outside of school she has been dancing for 11 years. She enjoys baking all sorts of desserts.  She also enjoys playing piano and has been doing so for 9 years. Her favorite shows are “Stranger Things” and “The Office“. 

Caitlyn Koutalidis- Sports Editor

Caitlyn Koutalidis is a sophomore and the Sports Editor for the Winnachronicle. She is a member of the soccer, basketball and outdoor track team. Outside of school she enjoys running, biking and traveling. She also loves being around her friends and family.

Kierra Martin-Briggs- Staff Writer

Kierra Martin-Biggs is a freshman and recently joined the Winnachronicle as a staff writer this year. She is also involved in the freshman class council and Interact. She spends most of her time at her job at the Hampton library, reading, or with her friends and family. Outside of school, she enjoys singing, baking, binge-watching TV shows, and participating in a Black Lives Matter youth group.

Kiah Telheiro- Arts and Entertainments Editor

Kiah Telheiro is a sophomore. She joined journalism/Winnachronicle this year, but plans on continuing for her junior and senior years. She loves listening to musicals and acting in them along with plays. She most recently was in Winnacunnet’s production of “Clue: On Stage” this November. She enjoys drawing, watching tv/YouTube, hanging out with friends, making jewelry, crafting with clay, and reading fanfiction. Kiah wants to be an animator when she is out of highschool. She is not sure what college she is going to go to yet, but she's strieving to leave New Hampshire and go out of state. 

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Ozzie Allumbaugh

Ozzie Allumbaugh is a freshman and staff editor for the Winnachronicle. They are a part of Tech Crew, and helped build the set for the Clue: On Stage play in November. They haven’t been able to do much in school yet, but outside of school, they like painting, drawing, reading, writing, ice skating, and hanging out with friends. They are obsessed with music and have an extensive Spotify playlist library, and a growing collection of records. 

Baylee Jacobs- Staff Writer 

Baylee Jacobs is a junior and staff writer for the Winnachronicle. She is co-leader of Winnacunnet’s Girl Up, founder and President of Mission: Kid to Kid, and a member of the Junior Class Student Council. She is also a captain of Winnacunnet’s cross country team and participates in Nordic skiing.  Outside of school she enjoys spending time with friends, running, and listening to music. 

Allie Hoffmeier is a junior staff writer for the Winnachronicle, but she is involved in many other clubs at Winnacunnet. She serves as the Class of 2023 Student Council Secretary, Drama Club Secretary, Chorus Secretary, and Sustainability Club Social Media Manager, but is also involved in the Tri-M Music Honor Society and Interact Club. Outside of school, Allie is an avid reader, singer, and writer, and loves to spend her free time with her friends and family. 

Brandon Michaud - Adviser

Brandon Michaud is a math teacher at Winnacunnet and the current adviser of the Winnachronicle newspaper. He recieved a Masters degree from the University of New Hampshire before starting his teaching career at Winnacunnet. Outside of school, Michaud enjoys all of the "Star Wars" movies, the television series "The Office," and baking cake for the Winnachronicle staff. You can reach Mr. Michaud at


I’m Tasia Correia, I’m a sophomore and staff writer for the Winnachronicle. My favorite subject in school is English because I have a devotion for writing and it’s something I love to do. I also love computer graphics because of how much we learn about computers and the people in my class make it very fun and interesting. I’m not involved in any clubs at Winnacunnet but I do a lot outside of school. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, writing, hanging out with friends, shopping, and working at my job at Dunkin Donuts.

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