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Meet Our Staff
Maia Siden '24 - Co-Editor in Chief

Maia has been a part of Winnachronicle since her Freshman year and absolutely loves this class. She enjoys being a team leader, and working with peers in order to get the paper done. She dances in her free time, and enjoys competing with peers on online T.V. show quizzes.

Image by Annie Spratt
Senior pic ye - Tyson Khalil.heif
Caitlyn Koutalidis '24  - Co-Editor in Chief

Coming soon........

Tyson Khalil '24 - Staff

When asked to provide a bio all he said was, "Learn to be alone because no one will stay forever."

tk 11 - Timothy Kollmorgen.JPEG
Tim Kollmorgen '24 - Staff

Tim is excited for his debut at Winnachronicle. He enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. He plays for the school team and steps up into a leadership role. He loves to play golf, and listen to music. He also loves uplifting the class with a quote of the day each day.

M Mathews 2023 - Madison Mathews.jpeg
Maddie Mathews '24 - Staff

Maddie is joining Winnachronicle for the first time this year, and has enjoyed it! In her freetime she enjoys dancing, cooking, and reading and writing. She also enjoys watching movies and TV and listening to music.

mutography_091023-mutographybycelia-final-10 (1).HEIC
Lillie Ladd '24 - Staff

Lillie has been enjoying her first time at Winnachronicle. She loves animals and music, and has been enjoying connecting with teachers in order to write stories. 

Brandon Michaud - Adviser

Brandon Michaud is a math teacher at Winnacunnet and the current adviser of the Winnachronicle newspaper. He recieved a Masters degree from the University of New Hampshire before starting his teaching career at Winnacunnet. Outside of school, Michaud enjoys all of the "Star Wars" movies, the television series "The Office," and baking cake for the Winnachronicle staff. 

You can reach Mr. Michaud at

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