Meet Our Staff
Tyler Hughes - Co-Editor-In-Chief

Tyler Hughes is a senior, and the Co-Editor-In-Chief of The Winnachronicle. He started as a staff writer his freshman year, and has since covered many different areas within Winnacunnet and the community. Examples of previous stories he has covered include a recent scandal involving Hampton Academy’s administration, an interview with a news reporter who stood through a hurricane Florence, an interview with an executive counselor and gubernatorial candidate, and coverage of the COVID-19 return-to-school plan. Outside of newspaper, he is Winnacunnet's Student Body President and part of the theater department, as well as National Honor Society. Outside of school, he enjoys politics and studying the weather, as well as spending time at the beach and with friends. You can reach Tyler at

Xavier Porter - Co-Editor-In-Chief

Xavier Porter is a senior, writer and Co-Editor-In-Chief for the Winnachronicle. He began working with Winnachronicle his Sophomore year and had continuously taken the class ever since. He has previously written stories on Winnacunnet’s summative/formative grading system, the detriment of class gaps to students and writes horoscopes for nearly every edition. He is the President of Writer’s Club at Winnacunnet and enjoys creative writing outside of school, as well as painting and hanging out with any of the seven pets in his house. 

Katie Lennox - Sports Editor

Katie Lennox is a senior, staff-writer, and the Sports Editor for the Winnachronicle. She is a member of National Honor Society, Interact, and Best Buddies. Outside of school she enjoys running, biking, and visiting the beach. Lennox is a member of the field hockey and indoor/outdoor track teams. She has a passion for special education and speech-language pathology. After high school she plans to continue her education as she studies communication sciences and disorders.

Morgan Kelley- Photo Editor

Morgan is the Photo Editor for The Winnachronicle. She started taking pictures for the paper sophomore year and takes all types of photos like sports and school events. Outside of Winnachronicle she is a member of the track team and captain, and likes to take pictures of nature. Outside of school Morgan likes to go hiking, kayaking, and doing other outdoor activities.

Jamie Zoeller - Staff

Jamie Zoeller is a junior and a staff writer for the Winnachronicle. They are a member of National Thespian Society, as well as the school GSTA. Outside of school, they also enjoy painting, writing, and volleyball.

Emeri Jacobs - Staff

Emeri Jacobs is a senior and a staff writer for the Winnachronicle. She’s Co-President of Winnacunnet’s Girl Up club and Student Body Historian. She is also a member of Winnacunnet’s National Honor Society and Sustainability club. Jacobs is also captain of the school’s cross county team and Nordic ski team, as well as a member of the outdoor track team. Outside of school she enjoys spending time outside and with friends. 

Lainey Parrott- Staff

Lainey Parrott is a junior and a staff writer for the Winnachronicle. She is a member of National Honor Society, the current junior class Vice President and Co-President of Winnacunnet's Girl Up club. Parrott is also a member of of the Interact club and Sustainablity club at Winnacunnet. Outside of school, Parrott also enjoys soccer, lacrosse, and painting.

Allison Hoffmeier - Staff

Allie Hoffmeier is a sophomore and a staff writer for the Winnachronicle. She’s the secretary of Drama Club, as well as a member of the Interact club and Human Rights club. Outside of school, she loves to sing, play guitar, and write.

Emily Leblanc - Staff

Emily Leblanc is a sophomore and a staff writer for the Winnachronicle. She began working with Winnachronicle this year for the first time. She plays field hockey every year. Outside of school, she enjoys to kayak, sew, draw, bike, and walk her dog.  She loves to travel and be outside. 

Brandon Michaud - Adviser

Brandon Michaud is a math teacher at Winnacunnet and the current adviser of the Winnachronicle newspaper. He recieved a Masters degree from the University of New Hampshire before starting his teaching career at Winnacunnet. Outside of school, Michaud enjoys all of the "Star Wars" movies, the television series "The Office," and baking cake for the Winnachronicle staff. You can reach Mr. Michaud at

About Us

The Winnachronicle has been the student voice of Winnacunnet High School since 1985. The current adviser of this publication is Brandon Michaud, who has served as the advisor for seven years. During the 2020-2021 school year, The Winnachronicle plans to publish both a print edition and online stories. All ads that businesses purchased will still be honored and put in our publication. Thank you for your continued support for our newspaper, student journalism, and a free press; we appreciate all that you do. For questions or comments, please get in touch with us at

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